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Thanks to those of you who made the 1st Edition 2022 possible

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The success of the first edition of the RAF was thanks to all those who participated: friends and neighbours from Raimat and Lleida, Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, La Rioja, the United States, Valencia, Zaragoza… that you came to enjoy the festival. To the companies that supported us to make it possible, thank you for your bet. To the service providers of Lleida, who were the best to achieve a great result. To our dear chefs who brought our gastronomy closer to all visitors. In the national and international press that spread the celebration of landscape, music and people in the world. To the artists who brought us to heaven. To the Board of Trustees of the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation and my RAF team, for doing magic together. To everyone, I invite you to celebrate our second edition this October. Welcome!

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Raimat Arts Festival 2022 / 1st edition

Gala dinner

Concert / "Taste of Lleida"

Village Raimat Natura