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Raimat Lleida Community Foundation

The Raimat Lleida Community Foundation was born in 2022 with the purpose of strengthening the territory of Raimat and Lleida, together with companies, entities and people, through innovative initiatives and projects that revitalize the territory in a sustainable and resilient way.

The RAF 2022 and the training of tractor drivers

In 2022, the profits from the RAF (Raimat Arts Festival) were used to alleviate the agricultural crisis with the training of tractor drivers, in collaboration with John Deere and United Way.

And in 2023, these trainings have been launched, in collaboration with the Borges Blanques Agricultural School and Vicens Dealers, with young people at risk of exclusion from the Futbol Club Barcelona Foundation and the Obra Tutelar Agrària, who are empowered with a certificate from the Generalitat de Catalunya with this degree.

Lines of action:

The Foundation works on 4 action programs in the field of Social Action, Innovation, Culture and Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Social Action

In collaboration with United Way Spain, we support groups at risk of social exclusion in Lleida. Help build a strong community and bring about positive change through community activism.

Biodiversity and climate change

Protection of the fauna and flora of Lleida. Support programme for biodiversity and climate change. Dissemination and application of Sustainable Development Goals through regenerative agriculture.


Support program for the dissemination of art and culture, gastronomy, and traditions of Lleida. Creation of the Raimat Arts Festival, to address local challenges, make visible the art and culture of the area to impact the community.


Raimat LAB and Youth LAB: platform for innovation and participation, which promotes the regenerative economy. It generates and shares knowledge for local companies and entrepreneurs with a focus with triple positive impact: economic, social and environmental.