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The impact


The cause that the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation will work with the benefits of the festival will be the regeneration of water.

A festival of impact

The festival has developed a management model to minimize impact, promote sustainability, enhancing biodiversity and the ecosystem of the territory. The carbon and water footprint will be offset in this second edition.

A regenerative vision

In collaboration with the Bcorp consultancy Quiero, we are carrying out a progressive impact measurement, which began in 2022, with the 1st edition of the festival and will continue with this and the following editions, ensuring the minimum environmental impact caused by the festival, in addition to returning more than it consumes to the environment, to ensure that it becomes a regenerative festival and in the future, convert the water and carbon footprint to Net Positive, reduce 50% of all marked indicators and expand social indicators.

Progressive impact measurement

To ensure the real impact on our community, an impact measurement will be carried out that analyzes both the direct effect of the festival on people and the environment, and a long-term measurement in which we can know the true transformation generated in all participants.

The circular economy

In collaboration with Circular Carbon we work on climate neutrality, innovating in circular economy, promoting responsible production and consumption, encouraging efficiency in the use of resources, reducing environmental impact and emphasizing human well-being, through an environmental chek-list:

Circular procurement: creation of circular procurement and procurement policy, with the green purchase of food and beverages and the selection of local suppliers.

Resource and waste management plan: design of a “zero waste” plan from source.

Energy and infrastructures: design of the event taking advantage of pre-existing infrastructures with environmental criteria.

Transport: promoting sustainable mobility with the agreement signed with Renfe for AVE transfers to Lleida.

Climate action plan in context of water scarcity: measurement, reduction and compensation of water and carbon.


In collaboration with Extendra, we take advantage of the latest technological tools to measure the impact on participants. Through blockchain, personalized experiences in virtual and augmented reality; This way we can generate reliable traceability of each user’s journey and provide them with a unique value at the same time.

El Castell de Raymat is adhered to the United Nations Global Compact of the 2030 Agenda and, through the festival, works aligned with the following SDGs:


The RAF collaborates and supports entities that work with groups at risk of exclusion by giving invitations to attend the activities of the festival. The RAF also recontracts the catering service of the “Taste of Lleida” to Bo de Shalom of the Ilersis Foundation, which has in its staff people from these groups.


The RAF is driven by an entrepreneurial woman, Elena de Carandini, who prioritizes gender equality in all activities.


Water is the main theme of the RAF23 and the water crisis is a major problem to which we will dedicate the resources of the festival to improve, through the Axis of Climate Change of the Community Foundation Raimat Lleida.


We maximize the use of natural light in the village during the two days of the festival and we have solar panels for the electric light of the concert at Raimat Cellars.


The RAF serves as a meeting point to foster connections between projects, agents, institutions and participants.
The RAF hires local suppliers and offers on its website, accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities in Lleida; It also promotes the birth of new businesses during the celebration of the festival.

SDG 10

The RAF favours the development of community culture projects, given the precariousness of the arts and cultural sector.

SDG 11

The RAF, through the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, works to address local challenges, build a strong community and achieve positive change through community activism, making visible art and culture in the area to impact the community.

SDG 12

Through the circular economy, the RAF has established a circular procurement and procurement policy, with the selection of local suppliers.

SDG 13

The RAF, through the Raimat LAB of the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, has as strategic objectives to reduce waste and emissions, as part of our commitment to be a living laboratory for sustainability solutions.

SDG 15

The RAF, through the Biodiversity and Climate Change axis of the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, works to protect the fauna and flora of Lleida, applying and disseminating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. El Castell de Raymat is adhered to the Global Compact of the 2030 Agenda. El Castell de Raymat is adhered to the Global Compact of the 2030 Agenda.


The RAF, through the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, is a platform for innovation and participation in the territory, which generates and shares knowledge for local companies and entrepreneurs, improving the competitiveness of companies with its triple impact: economic, social and environmental.