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Raimat / Lleida_Spain

Social, environmental and economic impact of the Raimat Arts Festival

The Raimat Arts Festival consolidates as a high-impact festival in the region with a regenerative vision, being the world’s first Water Positive festival, returning 1 million liters of water to Nature.

With only 2 editions, the Raimat Arts Festival has managed to offset its Carbon Footprint and be regenerative with its Water Footprint, pioneering in the management of cultural events, ensuring that the festival has a positive impact on the Environment.

The Festival's Carbon Footprint

The transportation of attendees to the festival represents the main source of emissions: 55% of the kilometers were traveled by private car. The contracting of local suppliers and the reuse of materials from previous editions have resulted in lower carbon generation and almost zero waste production.

The Festival's Water Footprint

The main water consumption is due to the direct use of water, mainly associated with the irrigation of the vineyards and alfalfa around the festival location. The indirect footprint comes from food consumption. Thanks to the restitution of 1,000 m³ to the ecosystem, the Raimat Arts Festival becomes a Water Positive festival, offsetting its water footprint and contributing an additional 536m³ of water to the Planet.

In Collaboration with Experts

The Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, in collaboration with Acciona, H2O Innovation, Circular Carbon, and Quiero, have managed to mitigate and regenerate the impact of the Raimat Arts Festival, returning to Nature, through the desalination of seawater, the so-called “new water”, double the consumption of the festival during its second edition, water that will be used in areas of high water deficit, to regenerate the land and prevent desertification.

“After our 2nd edition in 2023, we are the world’s first Water Positive festival, with a regenerative approach. At the Raimat Arts Festival, we not only address the urgency of the global water shortage but also lead a movement towards sustainable and regenerative practices. By offsetting our water footprint and actively contributing to the ecosystem in a regenerative way, we invite everyone to join us in the protection and regeneration of this vital resource.” Elena de Carandini, President of the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation

Attendees' Assessment

In addition to the environmental impact, the Raimat Arts Festival reached nearly 1,000 participants from all over Catalonia, Spain, and the rest of the world, establishing itself as a prominent promoter of Local Culture and Art, as expressed by 95% of the attendees at the last edition.

99% of the attendees would recommend attending to their acquaintances and 97% stated that their experience was absolutely positive.

Improving People's Lives

Improving people’s lives is one of the main challenges we have set ourselves at the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, which is why we have signed an agreement with Apropa Culturato bring the Arts closer to the most disadvantaged groups, providing tickets at 3 and 5 euros for entities working with people at risk of exclusion.

The Demographics of the Attendees

Survey data from festival attendees reveals that the most represented age range is attendees between 40 and 60 years old, with 60%. 20% are under 40 years old and another 20% are over 60 years old.

Regarding origins, half come from Lleida, 30% from Barcelona, 15% from Spanish provinces such as Madrid, Andalusia, Valencian Community, Cantabria, Aragon, and 5% are international: United States, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Korea.

The Castell de Raymat is a member of the United Nations Global Compact of the 2030 Agenda and, through the RAF, works in line with the following SDGs:


The RAF collaborates and supports entities that work with groups at risk of exclusion, providing through “Apropa Cultura” tickets at very reduced prices for 3 and 5 euros.

It also hires Bo de Shalom from the Ilersis Foundation, which has people from these groups on its staff, for the Taste of Lleida restoration service.


The RAF is promoted by the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation with a board of trustees made up of 5 women and 4 men, who prioritize gender equality in all activities.


Water was the protagonist of the 2nd edition of the RAF, achieving the milestone of being the 1st Water Positive festival in the world, returning 1 million liters of water to Nature, with the collaboration of Acciona, Circular Carbon, H2O and Quiero. In this 3rd edition, we will continue measuring the water footprint to continue being a regenerative festival.


We maximize the use of natural light in the RAF Village during the two days of the festival and we have solar panels for the electric lighting of the concert at the Raimat Winery.


The RAF serves as a meeting point to promote connections between people, entities and companies, creating synergies with guests who come from all over the world.

The RAF hires local suppliers and offers on its website, accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities in Lleida; It also promotes the birth of new businesses during the celebration of the festival.

SDG 10

The RAF favors the development of community culture projects, given the precariousness of the artistic and cultural sector.

SDG 11

The RAF, through the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, works to address local challenges, build a strong community and achieve positive change through community activism, making visible art and culture in the area to impact the community.

SDG 12

The RAF takes the circular economy into account, where a circular purchasing and contracting policy has been established, with the selection of local suppliers in Lleida.

SDG 13

The Raimat Lleida Community Foundation is a member of the Climate Foundations Pact of the Spanish Association of Foundations, where one of the strong points is to reduce waste and emissions, as part of our firm commitment to sustainability solutions.

SDG 15

Through the Biodiversity and Climate Change axis of the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation, the RAF works to protect the fauna and flora of Lleida, applying and disseminating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. El Castell de Raymat is adhered to the Global Compact of the 2030 Agenda.


The Raimat Lleida Community Foundation generates and shares knowledge for the Third Sector of Lleida, local companies and entrepreneurs, being a catalyst for the community.